WE'RE BACK!! February 14 2016

Hey friends, thanks for the patience as my family and I relocated from Juneau Alaska to Vancouver Washington. If you didn't know that there was any other Vancouver besides the one the lovely neighboring country of Canada, you're not alone.  Vancouver is just across the river from Portland Oregon and is essentially a bedroom community of it.  Our new house is actually closer to downtown Portland than the church we are part of here in Vancouver.

 We arrived here in Vancouver on the 29th of January, our 24' shipping container arrived a week later and we have been unloading and setting up our new home and shop since then. 

We have some exciting new products, including some new cast sterling and brass pieces, new hats and new shirts that will blow your mind.  We hope you all appreciate the quality of the stuff we are putting out as much as we do. 


Thanks for your patience and support!



Dan Ewing