EDG x HA Knit Cap


Sold Out

Ewing Dry Goods x Hatters Anonymous Knit Cap

The knit cap is a quintessential staple in everyone's wardrobe.  Now you don't have to settle on quality when it comes to this necessary item.

Knit Caps are knit entirely by hand by Hatters Anonymous in London.  They are knit with 6 ply 100% UK rope dyed cotton.  Available in both black and indigo that will fade just like your favorite pair of jeans. To finish this cap off, we put a hand sewn EDG button on the cap that can be moved to wherever your heart desires.

I guarantee that you will not find a higher quality knit cap anywhere in this price range.

Super limited quantity as they're knit by one amazing woman (Mum).

  • 6-ply UK yarn
  • 100% ethically sourced cotton
  • Hand Knit by Mum
  • Rope dyed Indigo yarn that fades like denim
  • Hand sewn EDG pinback button that can be moved wherever you'd like it on the cap, allowing the cap to be folded however you desire and still have the pin show.
  • Made in the UK
  • One size fits all
  • Limited to 5 of each colorway



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