Mammoth Feather Necklace


A hand carved ancient mammoth ivory feather and antique trade beads strung to the best quality leather cord available.  You will not find another necklace like this.


  • 2" hand carved ancient mammoth ivory feather (no two are the same)
  • Natural veg tan or black cord
  • Natural or black veg tan cinch stamped with EDG logo (cinch makes the necklace adjustable for hang length)
  • Choice of antique trade bead colors


Available with antique trade bead options:

  • Red trade beads
  • Blue (turquoise) trade beads
  • Black trade beads
  • White trade beads
  • Red and blue trade beads
  • Black and red trade beads
  • Black and white trade beads
  • All brass trade beads

***Last two pictures are a 4 year old natural leather necklace w/ all black and no top brass bead option


Picture is an examples of what you will receive. Feather color will vary do to the nature of this ancient mammoth ivory. 

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