Mini Denim Hangs


Sold Out

Mini Denim Hangs is a small pair of raw denim jeans that features our Minimalist Belt, our Gentleman's Billfold, and our Minimalist Lanyard.

Just like our OG Denim Hangs, You can either hang them from something or clip them to something.

These jeans are made by our friends Lamai Denim, to our specifications. 

  • Raw Selvedge Denim
  • Miniature Minimalist Belt 
  • Miniature Gentleman's Billfold and Minimalist Lanyard
  • Miniature bandana in back left pocket
  • Either a brass clip to clip it to your bag or wherever, or
  • A leather cord to hang it from your rear view mirror or Christmas tree (Hanging cord will come long and can be cut down to size)
  • Limited quantity 
  • Hand made one at a time
  • Envy of all your denim head friends.


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