One Off Marble Shell Gentleman's Billfold


One Off Gentleman's Billfold:

A mid length wallet made with 5oz Orion Shell Cordovan hand dyed by the master K. FioRito.  Inside is 2/3oz W&C Vachetta veg tan.  Wallet is hand cut,  hand sewn, stamped with the 'Tree E', and the edges beveled and burnished to a beautiful glass like look.

Measures 6" in height by 4" width when closed


  • 4 card pockets
  • Hidden card pocket under zipper pouch
  • Zipper Pocket
  • Bill Pocket
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Hidden Snap Closure
  • Marbled Shell Codovan by K. FioRito
  • American Vachetta inside


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