Oak Bark Belt


The Oak Bark Belt, AKA: The Heavyweight Champion Of The World!

The most heavy duty belt and buckle combo you'll find!

J & F J Baker have been Oak Bark tanning leather since 1862 at a tannery that dates back to Roman times!    

Generations of knowledge have perfected their process to produce beautiful, hard wearing and unique leather with superior tensile strength. Using all natural, locally, and sustainably sourced materials each piece of leather takes over a year to produce and many many hours of labor intensive work.

The white wax on the leather (Dubbin) is brushed on by hand at the tannery and will wear off with use or can be buffed off with a rag.

Made from 14 oz. natural oak bark tanned bridle leather from Brittan's only remaining oak bark tannery.  The Oak Bark Belt is equipped with the thickest Japanese brass buckle we can get our grubby little hands on. 

The last belt you'll ever "need"!

  • 1 1/2" width
  • 14 oz!!!  Thick Oak Bark Leather From Britain
  • Oak Brown or Black
  • Heaviest Duty Brass Buckle Available
  • 100% Oak bark Tanned Leather


 ** All products are hand made to order, please allow one week of make time.**


To get your belt size: (see picture below)


1. Lay a belt you wear flat and measure the distance from the hole at which you wear it to where that hole will sit on the tongue or prong of the buckle when fastened.


Below are the measurements and correlating sizes:

31.5" / Size 28

32.5" / Size 29

33.5"/ Size 30

34.5" / Size 31

35.5" / Size 32

36.5" / Size 33

37.5" / Size 34

38.5" / Size 35

39.5" / Size 36

41.5" / Size 38

43.5" / Size 40

45.5" / Size 42



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