About Us

Ewing Dry Goods is a family run operation that is located in Juneau Alaska.

With the support of a loving God, an amazing wife, two beautiful daughters, a little dog named Jack, and a cat named Mr. B, Dan Ewing specializes in unique handmade leather accessories and personal carry items, drawing inspiration from both the Northwest American Native culture and classic heritage American styling.

It is our mission to use 100% American made or raised products, emphasizing  the importance of "support your local".  When it is not possible to find the absolute best products in America we source from countries with labor laws and fair wages for their workers like UK and Japan.  We utilize animal products that are hunted for sustenance purposes only, or have died of natural causes in the wild.  Most of the products used in our work are gathered or procured from local Alaskan hunters and native artists.



Dan Ewing