About Us

(L to R - Imogen, Dan, Ruby, and Ashleigh)

Meet the Maker!

   Friends,  Thank you so much for your interest in, and support of Ewing Dry Goods. We are a family run business that is located in beautiful Juneau Alaska. 

With the love & support from of a gracious Savior, an amazing wife, two beautiful daughters, an Australian Cattle Dog named Benny, and a Devon Rex named Mr. B; Dan Ewing specializes in unique handmade leather accessories and personal carry items.  Dan draws a majority of his inspiration from both the Northcoast Native American culture and classic heritage American style.

We as a family pour our hearts and souls into Ewing Dry Goods and are so honored that you would choose to support an American family that is doing things the way it should be done; no cut corners, no outsourcing, and no BS.



The Ewing