Brown Minimalist Belt (Brass & Nickel Hardware Available)


A sophisticated classic yet minimalist styled belt that is built to last a lifetime and get better with age.

Made from 11/12oz  brown vegetable-tanned American leather, equipped with a hand tooled and stamped belt keeper and solid brass or nickel buckle.

Belts are hand cut from a side of the finest American vegetable tanned leather.  Once the belt blank is cut the leather edges are skived, sanded, and burnished to create a strong durable edge that looks great and will stand the wear and tare you'll throw at it for a lifetime of wear. 

All belts are gold foil embossed with the EDG hand stitched logo on the backside and branded with the size and "Tree E" on the buckle end

  • 1 1/2" width
  • 11/12 oz vegetable tan Wickett & Craig leather
  • Solid brass, nickel or black powder coated belt buckle 

** Black hardware comes with a black belt keeper and brass & nickel hardware comes with a brown belt keeper.


 ** All products are hand made to order, please allow one week of make time.**


To get your belt size: (see picture below)


1. Lay a belt you wear flat and measure the distance from the hole at which you wear it to where that hole will sit on the tongue or prong of the buckle when fastened.


Below are the measurements and correlating sizes:

31.5" / Size 28

32.5" / Size 29

33.5"/ Size 30

34.5" / Size 31

35.5" / Size 32

36.5" / Size 33

37.5" / Size 34

39.5" / Size 36

41.5" / Size 38

43.5" / Size 40

45.5" / Size 42




Customer Reviews

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Love the optionality of the buckle. I went back and forth between the brass and nickle and ultimately chose nickle. I already have 2 with black so it made sense to diversify the ole Ewing belt collection. As always, the attention to detail by Dan is second to none.

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